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Wet Air Scrubber and Water Wash Paint Booth Applications

Water Wash Centrifuges

Wet Air Scrubbers and Paint Spray Booth Sludge Removal, Water Recycling, Water Curtain Paint Wastewater Treatment, Palin and “Mass Flow” Floating Paint Sludge Dewatering, Paint Sludge Separation and Dewatering, Paint sludge removal centrifuges: HILLER Separation & Process is a company motivated by customer expectations to design and produce machines featuring the highest level of sophistication and quality gained from several decades of decanter centrifuge manufacturing and application field experience. The modern range of Hiller DecaPress Decanter Centrifuges reflect our ongoing commitment to mechanical development and process optimization, which enables us to provide our valued clients high-performance decanter centrifuges that guarantee optimal process results with the highest level of reliability.

Hiller manufactures a complete range of DecaPress Decanter Centrifuges suitable for the varied application requirements of closed loop wet air scrubbing systems and high volume automotive water wash paint booths including the necessary expertise to integrate a properly sized and configured decanter centrifuge sludge removal system. Hiller can inform companies on the newest ways to improve system efficiency and effectively remove paint sludge and other sludge forming particles from wet air scrubbers and paint booth sumps, pits and recirculating tanks making it possible to greatly increase system efficiency while reducing downtime and maintenance for new and / or existing wet air scrubber and / or water wash paint installations.

The removal of suspended solids and / or sludge dewatering from automotive and industrial water wash paint spray booths is an important and successful application for Hiller centrifuges with many installations worldwide. Premier car companies such as BMW, Mercedes and Opel choose Hiller centrifuges to dewater their paint sludges reducing the waste volumes and disposal costs while also recycling the wash water and increasing the wash water life many times over.

Wet air scrubbers and water wash spray booths can be designed to accept or be retrofitted with centrifugal sludge removal systems and should be considered when the following conditions exist:

  • Frequent maintenance down time
  • Extra working shifts
  • High cost of liquid sludge removal and disposal
  • Three important steps to achieving the desired results
  • Design and application of the scrubber and / or spray booth to the correct centrifuge
  • Selecting the right centrifuge model to effectively handle the water volume and sludge load
  • Chemical program applied for the specific water treatment and or paint de-tackification

Additional benefits of decanter centrifuge wet air scrubber and / or water wash paint booth installations:

  • Reduces disposal costs by producing dryer sludge and recycling water reduces waste treatment
  • Recycles scrub water often extending water life up to 8 times or more
  • No filters or consumables elements are required
  • Works with virtually all chemical treatment programs
  • Reliable and extremely low maintenance equipment
  • Space saving machine design
  • Low utility requirements
  • Simple to operate
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