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Mobile Decanter Centrifuge Rental Trailers

Hiller Mobile Decanter Centrifuge Rental Trailer
Hiller Mobile Decanter Centrifuge Rental Trailer
Hiller Mobile Decanter Centrifuge Rental Trailers

Hiller-US in Lampasas, Texas maintains complete mobile decanter centrifuge rental units for both short term and extended periods.

The portable systems feature 125-gpm Hiller DP45 production model centrifuges mounted in a standard semi-trailer with all the system controls and ancillary equipment such as polymer make-down units, feed pumps, and screw conveyor systems for removal of the dewatered bio-solids and / or sludge cake.

Standard Test System Process Diagram

The DP45 rental unit contains all necessary pumps and equipment for conducting sludge dewatering and / or liquid solids separation duties. The basic components are:

  • One (1) DP45-422HY test unit with 45 cm 18” diameter bowl
  • One (1) Progressive cavity feed pump with a capacity of 110-gpm
  • One (1) Magnetic flow meter for measuring the flow rate
  • One (1) Stranco Polyblend polymer dilution system and progressive cavity dilute emulsion feed pump.
  • One (1) Dewatered solids screw conveyor system
  • One (1) automated control system with PLC, panel view operator interface and scroll drive controller.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 8’W x 45’L semi-trailer
  • Weight: Approximately 23,000-lbs dry and 28,000-lbs wet
  • Power Requirement: 100 Amp 480V/60/3 service
  • Water: 35-gpm Note: only used intermittently for flush at startup and shutdown. Continuous flow for polymer makeup is less than 10-gpm. City water is requested.

Other capacity and equipped rental units available. Please contact us for more information.

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